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Married and 
Episode 2
Married and Our 
Story Part 1 
Episode 3
Married and Our 
Story Part 2
Episode 4
Married with 
Episode 5
Married and 
Goal Setting
Episode 6 
Married and
Knowing Your Role
Episode 7
Married and The
Accidental Facebook Store
Episode 8 
Married and 
Continuing Education
Episode 9
Married and 
Episode 10 
Married and Creating Your Own Magazine
Episode 11
Married and
Hard Decisions
Episode 12
Married and 
No Excuses
Episode 13
Married and 
Millionaire Stalking and Hacking
Episode 14
Married and Dream Building
Episode 15
Married and
Failing Forward
Episode 16
Married and 
Episode 17
Married and 
Private Labeling
Episode 18
Married and Buried in Debt
Episode 19
Married and
Episode 20
Married and 
Successful Partnerships 
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